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Klaviyo is an intelligent marketing automation platform that gives online businesses direct ownership of their consumer data and interactions, empowering them to turn transactions with customers into long-term relationships—at scale. With Klaviyo, businesses can combine customer data with more than 300 native integrations to automate personalized email and SMS communications that make customers feel seen. 

Integration Details

AdRoll + Klaviyo: A Partnership to Help You Grow Revenue!
Leverage the power of first-party data to dynamically target your subscribers with relevant web
ads. Sync your Klaviyo lists & segments to boost your ROAS by personalizing your campaigns and
keep your audiences automatically up to date.


Retarget your site visitors and cart abandoners
Retargeting ads coupled with email and SMS campaigns helps turn browsers to purchasers.
Reward high-value customers with special offers
Leverage your loyalty integrations to serve ads to your best customers with exclusive promotions and rewards.
Convert one-time shoppers to repeat purchasers
Using your subscription integration, create segments of one-time purchasers and target them with ads for increased lifetime value.
Segment your customers to highlight relevant products
With customer data from quiz tools, serve ads that amplify your email and SMS campaigns highlighting products that fit their needs.
Turn customer service touchpoints into sales
Using customer support data, nudge customers with ads who have inquired about products but haven’t purchased yet.



Boost Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

With the AdRoll and Klaviyo integration, it’s easy to reach your highly-qualified buyers and deliver tailored ads directly to them to help boost your ROAS. 

Enhance the Customer Experience

Align the messaging and creative of your AdRoll ad campaigns with your Klaviyo email and SMS campaigns to create a cohesive and impactful brand experience that resonates with your audience. 

Save Time and Streamline Audience Management

By connecting your Klaviyo account directly to AdRoll, you ensure your target audiences are automatically synced, saving you valuable time and effort. 


A customer can connect their Klaviyo account to AdRoll to target their Klaviyo lists and segments in AdRoll web ad campaigns.
We ingest all Klaviyo lists and segments that have been created or edited in the last year. Klaviyo lists and segments will be in the Contacts UI and will be named Klaviyo segment name - (Klaviyo segment ID). 
Once the integration is done, the first import will run that night. They will be nightly moving forward.
No. For now, those are read only. They cannot be used to create AdRoll audiences and cannot be targeted in campaigns. They will not show up in any dynamic lists you build in AdRoll. We can only target lists and segments in campaigns. 
  1. New/existing AdRoll web campaigns (outside of automations)
  2. Imported social campaigns

No. These are only able to be used in AdRoll ad campaigns for now.