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Marketing Agency Software for Management and Reporting.

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Make cross-channel monitoring and reporting easy through the ReportGarden-AdRoll integration.

AdRoll data is available in ReportGarden
  • Generic Metrics
    • Campaign Type
    • Ad type
    • Campaign Status
    • Ad Group Status
    • Ad status
    • Segment Type
    • Segment Match Method
    • Segment is Active
  • Performance Metrics
    • Clicks
    • Impressions
    • Average CPC
    • CTR
    • Average CPM
    • Cost
    • ROAS
    • Impressions
    • Total Revenue
  • Conversion Metrics
    • Total CPA
    • Total Conversions
    • Click Through Conversions
    • View Through Conversions
    • CPA (Clicks)
    • Total Conversions
  • Others
    • Prospects
    • List Size
    • Pixel Uniques

View AdRoll marketing metrics in ReportGarden
ReportGarden is a subscription business for marketers and ad agencies to generate custom reports and dashboards. They collect data from different marketing channels, including AdRoll, and create insights for customers. Dashboards are login-protected with multiple share options.
1. Sign up or Login
Navigate to on a web browser and complete the fields to sign up.
2. Link Accounts
Click Link your account. When you're prompted to "select the type of account," click AdRoll.
3. Create a report
There are two ways that you can set up your reports in ReportGarden.

Method 1:
  • Click Reports in the lefthand module
  • Click New Report, which will open a dialog box
  • Fill in the information and click Submit

Method 2:
  • Click New at the top of the page
  • Click New Report
  • Fill in the information and click Submit

4. Select Data Source
Your data source is the connected account that you want to pull data from for your report.
  • Account: Select which account you want to report on.
  • Measure: Choose which methods of measurement you want to include in your report, such as clicks, impressions, and conversions.
  • Dimension: Dimension is the metric that you want to compare against the selected measure.
  • Date Range: Select a time period for your report.