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X Ads (formerly Twitter)

X is the #1 platform for discovery. Over half a billion of the world’s most informed and influential people are on X. X offers unique targeting options to expand your advertising reach with over 535M Global monetizable monthly active users.

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X Ads and AdRoll
With AdRoll’s cross-channel attribution*, connect your X Ads account to the AdRoll platform to centralize metrics from across your marketing channels. Eliminate the need to login to separate platforms to view and export metrics. Instead, integrate your campaign data and get one place to analyze and attribute across your marketing channels.

This integration allows you to view your X campaigns, ad groups, ads, and historical performance data. You can also set date ranges, filter by channel, choose your attribution model, and customize the dashboard with your preferred KPIs. 

Integrating & Importing Data
Connecting your X Ads account is very straightforward, please follow these steps for easy integration:
  1. While logged into your AdRoll account, click on the “Integrations” button located in the bottom left corner of your dashboard.
  2. Find “X Ads (formerly Twitter)”, click on the tile which opens a modal with more information.
  3. Click on the “Connect X” button.
  4. From there, a popup appears where you can log into your X Ads account.**

Note: You can only select an ad account that uses the same currency as your AdRoll account (e.g. if your AdRoll account uses USD, you can only select USD ad accounts)

Once you connect successfully, any of your campaigns with activity in the last 12 months will automatically be added to the AdRoll platform where you will be able to view your X ad campaigns alongside your display, social ads, email, and sms campaigns.

Initially your campaign data will take up to 24 hours to import, but after that, your X Ads account data will be updated on an hourly basis including:
  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Ads
  • Historical performance data

Viewing & Analyzing Performance
AdRoll's cross-channel attribution helps you make informed decisions to best optimize performance and allocate budget across your marketing channels. Get a single dashboard to analyze and attribute success to the channels and campaigns in your marketing mix, including your X Ads data via API and UTMs.

X Ads in AdRoll
*This feature is only available to our paid subscribers with the cross-channel attribution add-on. You can check out your plan options here.

**We have partnered with Improvado to provide this connection to AdRoll. Your data is secure and is only accessible through the AdRoll platform; this does not create an Improvado account on your behalf, or bill/invoice.